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Utrecht Science Park Half Race Recap

Today was a first for me. A first DNF. But then I guess there is a first time for everything. I ran a 5 k and a 10 k race last weekend, on the same day, and I was fine. Sure, I didn’t get a PB on the 10 k, but you can’t always run a PB. I knew that to begin with, because I have trouble running during the winter, so during spring I’m not in the best shape yet. I run my PBs during autumn. And I’m fine with that. I’ve had enough rest in the past week, although I could have slept more I suppose, but I’m currently working 60 hour weeks, so that wasn’t really an option. So, the point is that I probably could have finished the race. I’m not injured and I wasn’t in any pain while running today. The point was the race, or to be more specific, the organisation.

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